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Jeremy's Acting Resume
Jeremy's Acting Resume
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Jeremy's extensive acting career has seen him perform many different characters and roles in  
stage, television and in movie productions all over the world. We invite site visitors to contact us if
they can provide any additions or corrrections to this already extensive list.
Elvis Killed My Brother (Chad) (1990) - A short film made in Perth, Western Australia
Police Rescue (Constable Brian Morley) (1992-94) - The highest rating Australian drama of its day,
Jeremy performed in 33 episodes which he was nominated for an Australian Film Industry award
Blue Heelers (Glenn Ritchie) (1994) - Jeremy appeared in one episode titled "The Men in Her life"
Water Rats (Detective Senior Constable Kevin Holloway) (1996) - Jeremy appeared in the first 11
episodes of this enormously popular TV show that was exported to many countries
Police Rescue (Constable Brian Morley) (1994) - Telemovie based on the popular series
Film and Television:
Film and Television:
Bits and Pieces (Man) (1996) - Not much is known about this short film
G.P. Episode 'Square Pegs' (Gary Davis) (1993) - A popular weekly drama produced by the ABC
The Munsters Scary Little Christmas (Tom) (1996) - Jeremy's first US film, and proof that we all
have to start somewhere. Not a great film (But Jeremy is okay) but a good one for the kids.
G.P. Episode 'Will You Still love Me Tomorrow' (Dave Rooker) (1996) - Jeremy plays the husband
of a post natal depressed wife who has murdered her seven month old baby
Larger Than Life (Dave) (1997) - Another short film shot in black and white in New Zealand.
Jeremy plays a pest exterminator who meets a grizzly end
The Hostages (Richard) (1997) - An Australian TV mini-series where Jeremy plays one of four
tourists to Cambodia in the 1990's who are taken hostage by the Khmer Rouge
Sea Change (Episode "Love me or Leave Me") (Ray) (1998) - This was another highly rated ABC
Australian series which regularly featured the who's who of acting talent in Australia
Murder Call (Episode "Ashes to Ashes") (Ezra Simms) (1997) - Jeremy only appeared in a guest
role for one episode of this acclaimed Australian television series
Young Hercules (Pollux) (1998) - Jeremy featured in two episodes of this enormously popular US
produced TV series and well and truly captured the eye of Hollywood
The Violent Earth (John Sutton) (1998) - An Australian/French TV mini-series set in New
Caledonia during the colonial era of the 19th/20th centuries. Jeremy plays a missionary pastor.
Shortland Street (Giles Redmond) (1998) - Jeremy guest performed in a number of episodes of
this long running New Zealand soap based on the fictional Shortland Street Hospital
Xena Warrior Princess (4 episodes):
Blind Faith (Palaemon) (1997) Jeremy plays a young warrior who challenges Xena
- When in Rome (Pompey the Magnus) (1998) Jeremy plays a narcissistic, ambitious and
ruthless challenger to Caesar. A role that Jeremy relished and also charmed US TV audiences
- A Good Day (Pompey) (1998) Jeremy again charms female audiences with his arrogant,
nacissistic yet charming Pompey (But let's face it, most women can't resist these kind of guys)
- End Game (Pompey) (1999) Pompey is finally put to an end by Xena when he lets his greed
and ambitions overide his normally cool self control during a heated encounter with Xena
Code Red (LT Peter Doyle) (2001) - A US sponsored television Sci-Fi thriller that was a mix
between predator and Aliens
Wildside Episode "2.13" (Vito Balliano) (1999) - An acclaimed ABC drama series
Farscape Episode "Dream a Little Dream" (Bartender) (1999) - Cult US Sci-Fi TV Series
Southern Cross (Reilley) (2001) - Australian drama series
Halifax f.p. Episode "Scoprions Kiss" (Alex) (2001) - Jeremy would have relished playing Alex
because the character was so much like him in life. Filmed in Melbourne, Jeremy plays the
award winning Rebecca Gibney's love interest (Alex) in this highly acclaimed Australian drama
series where his own natural charm, intellect, and humour were put on display.
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The Lost World (2 episodes):
Resurrection Episode 1.19 (Osric as a man) (2000)
- Under pressure Episode 2.14 (Alex Linen) (2001)
Hard Knox (Snack) (2001) - An Australian Telemovie (Comedy)
Something in the Air (Dave Gorman) (17 episodes) (2002): Jeremy plays a character brought in
to create a love interest for the main character of this enormously popular ABC Australian nightly
drama. When the series was to be wound up in 2002 it was decided that the main character
Helen should finally land a good guy after many disasterous relationships. Enter Jeremy
Callaghan as Dave Gorman, a natural choice, they don't come any nicer.
Episodes 299 to 320:
- A Blue Day
- People Will Say We're in Love
- It's Better to have Loved and Lost
- There's a New Kid in Town
- Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat
- Who Do You love
- Here's Looking at You Kid
- The Path to Ruin
- Every Baby Needs a Da-Da-Daddy
- Re-writing History
- About Last Night
- Tell it to the Judge
- Your Friendly Neighbourhood Priest
- The Bucks with No beer
- Do You Take This Woman
- Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Kiss, Promise
- I'll be Seeing You
Beastmaster (Balcifer) (4 episodes) (2002): Jeremy plays a truly evil main character in this
hugely popular US weekly series. Jeremy loved the bad boy roles after being often typecast as a
nice guy in Australia. Jeremy often lamented
"See I can play evil". Episodes:
- A New Dawn (Balcifer)
- End Game (Balcifer)
- The Choice (Balcifer)
- The Legend Reborn (2001) (Balcifer)
MDA (Justin Harris) (3 episodes) (2003): Filmed in Melbourne this was a highly acclaimed ABC
series. This series was slick, beautifully filmed in high definition and featured many acclaimed
Australian actors. This was the last TV series that Jeremy filmed in Australia. Jeremy plays a
character who is unknowingly under investigation for murder. He has lied to cover for a former
business collegue who has committed suicide and the police suspect foul play. Matters are
complicated as he is pursuing a passionate relationship with a lawyer who has been secretly
informed (off the record) by a collegue of his situation. Matters come to a head when his girlfriend
lets slip of her knowledge of the Police investigation. Justin is horrified at the revelation and feels
betrayed in that his new love has put her legal ethics and career ahead of her trust and love for
him. An explosive breakup scene in a restaurant and Melbourne lane way ensue. Episodes:
- Taking it on the Chin
- Aftershocks
- A Time and a Place
(c) Copyright 2013
Holby City (Peter Hodges) (3 episodes (series 6)) (2004): A popular and long running UK drama
series set in the fictional Holby City General Hospital. Episodes:
- Baptism of Fire
- The Heart of the Matter
- The Kindness of Strangers
The Great Raid (LT Able) (2005) - An award winning US film produced in Australia, centres on the
efforts of a US Ranger Battalion to liberate a POW camp during the dying days of WW2.
Theatrical Roles:
Theatrical Roles:
Jeremy dedicated a lot of years to training to be an actor, from being involved in drama at high
school to eventually studying media and communications at University, and finally studying acting
and developing his craft at the
Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (W.A.A.P.A)
(Colloquially pronounced by Western Australians as "Warpa" for short). We invite visitors or even
Jeremy (If he visits this site) to contact us and contribute any known performances and credits.
The Rising of Peter Marsh (Crusher) (1988) - Hole in the Wall Theatre Perth
The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (Dowd) (1988) - Hole in the Wall Theatre Perth
Entertaining Mr Sloane (Sloane) (1988) - Hole in the Wall Theatre Perth
Fields of Heaven (Rome/Bodera) (1988) - At WAAPA
A Cheery Soul (Member of the Chorus) (1990) - At WAAPA
Three Sisters (Kuligyn) (1988) - At WAAPA
Marat/Sade (Marquis de Sade) (1990) - At WAAPA
A Midsummer Nights Dream (Oberon/Snout//The Tinker) (1991) - At WAAPA
Whale (Minneapolis Dad/Young Innuit) (1991) - At WAAPA
Absent Friends (Colin) (1991) - At WAAPA
Mad Forrest (Bogdan//Toma) (1991) - At WAAPA
The Day I Realised (The Hairdresser) (1991) - At WAAPA
Lumps (Stuart) (1993) -
Time of My Life (Glyn) (1995) - Ensemble Theatre, Sydney
The Family (Alan) (1996) - Ensemble Theatre, Sydney
Three Sisters (Co-producer) (1999) -
Glengarry Glen Ross (Producer) (1999) -
Midnight Special (Unknown) (1993) - Not a much is known about this role
Tales of the South Seas (Lacombe) (1997) - TV Series set in the turn of the 19th century
Cherry Ripe Commercial (1990's) - A commercial promoting Australia's favorite sweet meat
The Tempest (Ferdinand) (1988) - Western Australia and Bali Indonesia
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One of Australia's premier
perfroming arts training
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Jeremy in Elvis Killed My Brother 1990
Jeremy in The Lost World
In the Lost World
In the Lost World
Jeremy as Chad in Elvis Killed My Brother 1990
as the demonic Balcifer in Beastmaster
Jeremy in 2008
As Balcifer in Beastmaster
With some of the cast from Police Rescue
As Pompey the Magnus (
In Police Rescue 1993
Brian is sprung making faces in the mirror by the girl who he secretly has a thing for
Practising in the mirror at trying to look sexy for Kathy Orland in Police Rescue
Jeremy has his first on screen kiss with Belinda Cotteril (Sharon) Police Rescue
Brian Morley emerges exhausted from a caving disaster rescue
As Glen Ritchie in Blue Heelers with fellow WAAPA graduate Lisa McCune
As Dave Rooker in GP episode
As Dave Rooker in GP episode
As Senior Constable Kevin Holloway in
Shortly after this fight scene Pompey loses everything from the neck down at the hands of Xena
As Senior Constable Kevin Holloway in
Click on image to enlarge to orignal size
Jeremy is incredibly strong. In this scene Jeremy as Brian Morley runs carrying a 20kg portable grinder, the other actors struggled to keep up.
With veteren Australian actors Frankie J. Holden (L) and Steve Bisley (R)
Constable Brian Morley has a heart to heart chat with Inspector Bill Adams (John Clayton)
Brian Morley is surprised as his mate Kathy Orland spashes him below
Right: Four small clips
from Police Rescue.
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The Redemption (Gabriel) (November 1989) - Quarry Theatre Perth